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Ceramic Capacitive Pressure Sensors for Air Conditioner Compressor

AMWEI Ceramic Capacitive Pressure Sensors for Air Conditioner Air Compressor Description
Using robust, reliable and media resistant Ceramic Capacitive Sensing Technology, AMWEI dry type pressure sensors transducers are designed for harsh environments, with superior EMI protection, high overpressure capability, outstanding shock and vibration performance, and exceptional long term stability. Can accurately measure the refrigerant pressure of the air conditioning system.
AMWEI Ceramic Capacitive Pressure Sensors for Air Conditioner Air Compressor Features
¡€ Linear Amplified Output.
¡€ Temperature Compensated.
¡€ Superior Long-Term Stability.
¡€ Low Power Consumption.
¡€ Wide operating temperature range -30C to +125C.
¡€ Suitable for refrigerant HFC134a.
¡€ 7/16-20 UNF-2B internal threads for easy pressure connection.
¡€ Optional for PWM or Voltage output.
AMWEI Pressure Sensor Typical Applications
¡€Pressure Measurements in Refrigeration Systems
¡€Air Pressure
¡€Coolant Pressure
¡€Industrial Pressure Transmitter
¡€Agricultural Equipment
AMWEI Air Conditioner Pressure Sensors Technical Specification
Pressure range 0¡«4.6MPa
Max pressure 6.9MPa
Burst Pressure:9.2MPa
Operating temperature -30¡«+125¡æ
Medium: HFC134a£¬PAG oil
Supply voltage: 5VDC
Nominal Output Voltage: 0.5¡«4.5VDC
Accuracy: ¡À3%FS£¬¡À2%(preset area)
AMWEI Air Conditioner Compressor Pressure Sensor Dimension and Electrical Connection
AMWEI Air Conditioner Compressor Refrigerating Pressure Sensor Transducer Dimension AMWEI Pressure Sensor Electrical Connection

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