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Sanitary CO2 Pressure Sensor

AMWEI Sanitary CO2 Pressure Sensor Description
Using robust Non-Liquid Filled Ceramic Capacitive Sensing Technology, Sanitary CO2 Pressure Sensor is designed to measure the CO2 pressure in the beer keg. Can also be used in food, beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other sanitary requesting manufacturing processes.
AMWEI Sanitary CO2 Pressure Sensor Features:
¡¤ Linear Amplified Output.
¡¤ Robust Non-Liquid Filled Capacitive Sensor.
¡¤ Temperature Compensated.
¡¤ Superior Long-Term Stability.
¡¤ Low Power Consumption.
¡¤ Wide operating temperature range -30C to +100C.
¡¤ Good compatible to media, CO2, gas, air , liquid.
¡¤ External threads for easy pressure connection.
¡¤ Optional for PWM or Voltage output.
AMWEI Sanitary CO2 Pressure Sensor Application
¡¤Beer and beverage processing
¡¤Food Processing
¡¤Pharmaceutical Processing
¡¤Dairy and cheese
¡¤Chemical manufacturing
¡¤Clean-in-place systems
¡¤Clean Gas systems
¡¤Sanitizers and cleaning systems
¡¤Sanitary Pipelines tanks
AMWEI Sanitary CO2 Pressure Sensor Technical Specification
Pressure range 0¡«0.5MPa
Max pressure 0.75MPa
Burst Pressure:1MPa
Operating temperature -20¡«+100¡æ
Medium: CO2£¬air, gas.
Supply voltage: 5VDC
Nominal Output Voltage: 0.5¡«4.5VDC
Accuracy: ¡À3%FS£¬¡À2%(preset area)
AMWEI Sanitary CO2 Pressure Sensor Dimension and Electrical Connection

AMWEI Sanitary CO2 Pressure Sensor Transducer Dimension

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