Thermistors for HVAC Air Conditioner Freezer Application 

Owing to electronic control and temperature regulation, today’s air-conditioning installations are user-friendly, reliable and energy saving. High demands are made for quality and especially long service life.

In an air conditioner, the gaseous coolant is first compressed to a high-pressure vapor. The vapor then flows into a condenser, which is cooled by a ventilator. The heated air is blown outwards. The cooling condenses the vapor, and the now fluid coolant flows into the evaporator. There the coolant expands and, through the drop in pressure, evaporates and becomes colder. The cold air blown through the evaporator is used to cool rooms. After the evaporator the gaseous coolant flows back into the compressor, and the whole cycle can start once again. NTC thermistors are used to measure the temperature of the evaporator and of the conditioned interior.

An air-conditioning installation can also serve for heating in winter. The cold air from the evaporator is blown outwards, and the warm air from the condenser is directed inwards to produce heat.

Temperature sensors in refrigerators and freezers measure temperature of cooling compartment, guard against icing in the evaporator, and support ice cube preparation , as well as detecting ambient temperature.

Dimension in the unit: mm

Application: Temperature measurement in air conditioner for regulating the evaporator temperature, and other HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) application.

Copper (brass) tube NTC thermistor temperature sensor probe features

Copper (brass) tube (pipe) case NTC thermistor temperature sensor probe assembly.
PVC insulated wire.
Moisture resistant.
Small, quick temperature response.
High stability under temperature shock.

Resistance @25CBeta Value
Thermal time constantDissipation factorOperating temperature
10K ohm±1%3950K±1%5 MW/C10 sec-30C~+105C

Note: Alternative ratings on resistance, Beta value and cable length upon request.

Application:NTC thermistor air temperature sensor for air conditioning, floor heating, and other HVAC application.

Epoxy air temperature sensor features

NTC  thermistor temperature probe with epoxy resin encapsulation,
PVC-insulated wires
Moisture resistant.
Small, quick temperature response.

 Resistance @25C Beta Value
 Thermal time constantDissipation factorOperating temperature
10K ohm±1%3950K±1%10 sec5 MW/C-30C~+105C

Note: Alternative ratings on resistance, Beta value and cable length upon request.

Application: thermistor temperature measurement for refrigerator, freezer, deep-freezer, ice cube makers, counter drinks cooler, backbar and catering coolers, display fridges, wine coolers, and other HVAC application, etc.

ABS Plastic NTC thermistor Temperature Sensor Features

ABS plastic tube (pipe) case thermistor temperature sensor assembly.
PVC insulated connecting cable.
Withstands freeze/thaw cycling. Moisture resistant.

Resistance @25CBeta value
 Thermal time constant Dissipation factor Operating temperature
5K ohm±1%3950K±1%5 MW/C10 sec-40C~+80C

Note: Alternative ratings on resistance, Beta value and cable length upon request.

Ring lug NTC thermistor surface temperature probes are designed for screw-in-place mounting. Most of these temperature probe housings are standard ring terminals or ring lugs with the  thermistor  potted in the barrel of the lug, popular for temperature measurement, control, and monitoring of small motors, heat exchange, computer equipment, power electronics, semiconductor heat-sink temperature control, enclosure panels, industrial equipment, automotive equipment etc. They are also easily mounted in instruments where over temperature protection is required.

Ring lug terminal  NTC thermistor surface temperature sensor features

Good thermal coupling through metal tag.
NTC thermistor housed in eyelet nickel plated copper material.
Metal contact surface yields fast temperature response.
PVC insulated leads.
Ring tag eyelets to fit screw mounting.

Resistance @25 CBeta value
Thermal time constantDissipation factorOperating temperature
10K ohm±2%3950K±1%5 MW/C15 sec-30C~+105C

1. Alternative ratings on resistance and Beta value upon request.
2. Other ring hole diameter can be offered upon request for M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M13 screw thread application.

Clip on pipe NTC thermistor sensor description

The steel clip provides a dual function by holding the sensor housing rigidly in place on a straight section of copper tubing while also providing an excellent thermal connection from the copper tube to the sensor. Ideal for inlet or outlet refrigerant sensing, hot water tube, and other arc surface temperature measurement. Installation is fast and simple as the sensor assembly just snaps into place.

Clip on pipe NTC thermistor sensor Features:

Direct clip application to pipe surface. Ideal for pipe clamp mount or rounded surface temperature measurement.
Quick response and excellent thermal tracking.
Simple installation, attaches directly to pipe surfaces.
Rugged, all-metal construction.

M14 Threaded Copper Silicon PTC Thermistor Sensor Assembly

Threaded copper housing silicon PTC Thermistor Sensor Assembly

Threaded copper housing silicon PTC Thermistor Sensor Assembly

Linear Silicon PTC Thermistor temperature sensor housed in M14 threaded copper housing for compressors application.  Rough ,  high pressure withstanding.